July 24, 2011

I Seriously Don’t Understand Health Care

I have two doctor appointments this week.

I’m hoping that I’ll be getting a prescription for medications, because, well, my nerves are shot.

I think I have decided that laying down makes everything worse. Or maybe it’s just having my feet elevated, either way, it’s not really doing me any kind of good. Which makes me wonder, just how am I supposed to relax and take it easy if relaxing makes things worse?

At any rate, I’m hoping to start some kind of medication before the end of the week because I will gladly take the flu-like side effects.

OH! And I found out today that my insurance would cover the use of marijuana, you know, if I was into that kind of thing. (insert hysterical laughing)

And if I get to have a stair lift, I’m totally charging the neighborhood kids a dollar a ride. Because I’m entrepreneurial like that.