July 22, 2011

I never remember the last thing until the store is already closed. And I'm totally playing the MS card here even though it's been happening for MY WHOLE LIFE. It's a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Tomorrow is Super Saturday. (for my non-Mormon readers, it's PRETTY MUCH a big craft day at the church... the things you learn about religion from me.)

At any rate, I'm in charge of the Family Home Evening magnet board, which idea I totally stole from someone else online. (It's how the best ideas are born. Besides, it's a chart. How many ways to make a chart do you know? THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT.)

Of course, being that it's a magnetic assignment board, we need magnets. And I have everything to make the magnets.... except for the right kind of glue.

Because I have hot glue, and wood glue, and vinyl glue, and Elmer's glue, and glue sticks, and super glue, and mod podge, and spray adhesive, and carpet glue, and I EVEN HAVE A GLUE THAT IS SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED TO HOLD SKIN TOGETHER.


I don't have silicone glue.

I mean, I know that I had some once upon a time, but right now, when I need it? It's no where to be found.

Therefore, I will be at Home Depot, bright and early, purchasing the kind of glue that I actually need.

I also predict the breakfast of champions will be consumed en route: McDonald's.

Meanwhile, want to know what super fun "MS thing" has been happening this week? NUMB ARMS for the win! And it's ONLY slightly terrible first thing in the morning, when they're extra for noodle-ly and tingly. By mid-afternoon, it is very much only my hands/knuckles that are numb, but in the morning, HOO-BOY.

I heart my life!