June 23, 2011

Because you asked...

Last Tuesday when I woke up, the left side of my mouth was numb.

I figured I had slept on my face weird, and that in a few hours, everything would be fine.

I even shot out an email to some of my favorite people titled “Wanna know what’s AWESOME?”

And proceeded to let them in on the joke that was happening inside my mouth.

On Wednesday, the numbness grew to include exactly half of my tongue and a raging case of vertigo set in.

On Thursday, I could barely stand, and I brought my big purse full of gallon sized ziploc bags with me to Blayne’s kindergarten graduation so that if I needed to throw up, I could do it without making a mess, and then throw the evidence away.

(You don’t go through the kind of pregnancies I did without learning a few tricks)

On Friday, the nausea hit a new personal best, and I ended up at Urgent Care, where they could find nothing wrong with me, couldn’t explain the fever or the vomiting, gave me the name of a neurologist, and suggested I head to the ER for a CT scan.

Instead I went home and slept.

Saturday and Sunday was spent lying in bed.

Monday, well, I don't really remember what happened Monday.

Tuesday, I saw another doctor, an internist, who took about a gallon of blood from me, did some tests, diagnosed me with labrynthitis, and said I still need a full neurological exam because it doesn't explain the numbness.

Wednesday, I laid on the couch all day while two friends cleaned my house top to bottom and did my laundry. (thanks Kristi and Dori)

Which brings me to today. Today was much better in terms of the spinning, crushing sensation that has been happening the last week. I've only thrown up a handful of times, and I saw a neuro-surgeon, while another friend watched my kids. (Thanks Miriam). This doctor thinks that:

  1. I might have had a stroke, 
  2. I might have a small tumor, 
  3. I might have Multiple Sclerosis, or 
  4. it might be something else entirely. 

Either way, I am waiting for a rush approval from my insurance so that I can have the MRI that three doctors have recommended to me.

I also have been told NOT to watch TV (because he thinks I might have a seizure... I'm watching TV anyways and if something bad happens, you can all say I told you so), not to use stairs (I live in a 3 story townhouse), not to bend over, and you know, not to really do much of anything other than lay around.(hi, I'm a mom with 4 kids AND IT'S SUMMER VACATION.)

So, you know, that's what's going on.