June 28, 2011

Waiting is a Lonely and Thankless Job

I’m just waiting.

Waiting for a doctor to call me.

Waiting to hear what my blood work looks like.

Waiting to hear what the MRI’s and the MRA’s show.

Every day, my mom calls for the latest updates.

I wish I had something to update her on.

I’m not as dizzy as I was last week.

My headache has receded to a dull throbbing and I find myself singing to the rhythm of the pounding.

I’ve been able to check in on my little corner of the internet here and there, and the love and support from you guys is amazing.

So thanks for all that you’re doing.

Thank you to all of the friends and neighbors who have brought me dinner.

Thank you to those that have come and picked up my kids,  and have generously taken them into your homes to properly celebrate summer.

Thank you for coming to clean my house, and fold my laundry.

Thank you for calling me and leaving me messages, because I can’t quite make it to the phone in enough rings.

But mostly, thank you for waiting with me.