March 4, 2011

Scissors, Taylor, and Justin Bieber

I have a problem.

Her name is Taylor.

taylor before

And she is a scissor happy three year old.

Her latest scissor stunt included some very unfortunate little ponies, puppies, and a chunk of hair near ear.

taylor cut off a chunk of hair

Basically: there was no “hiding” that mess.

So, we had to even it out and cut the rest of her hair to her ears. 

taylor cute new bob

And even though it was save-able, and she looks pretty cute, I told her that if she ever cut her hair again, I would shave her head bald.

And I mean it.

taylor likes her haircut

Now our daily conversations involve DadGuy telling her she is the prettiest little boy he knows.

Her reply?

“Dirls and Boys BOF haf ‘dis tinds of hair tuts.”
translation: girls and boys both have this kinds of hair cuts.

And then, without fail, Thaddeus says, “Yeah… like Justin Bieber.”

Sidenote 1: My kids are awesome.

Sidenote 2: I hope she still has hair when it’s wedding time.

Sidenote 3: like her shirt? We got it from Green Jello With Carrots.