March 4, 2011


Sometimes I’m a bad blogger, and I don’t review things in a timely fashion. THAT BEING SAID: there are two things I have received lately that I love.
striped jersey tee with vest
1.) striped jersey tee with attached vest from fashion to figure

I am always a little nervous about getting clothes without trying them on first because I am A) short and B) roundish. However, this plus size top was perfect for me! The shirt was long enough, and the sleeves aren’t tight. The fabric is light and stretchy, and I actually love having the attached vest. Makes me feel like I did something more than just throw on a shirt in the morning. It did shrink a teeny little bit, but that’s probably because I didn’t read the tag before I threw it in the dryer. All I’m saying, is that sometimes I forget to “lay flat to dry”.
power of two

Power of Two is a new website based on an old principle, that marriage takes work. (Sorry to disillusion any newlyweds who read my blog – LIFE IS HARD AND THEN YOU DIE.) Anyways, Power of Two is a comprehensive online program that's scientifically proven to help individuals and couples develop the skills to repair broken relationships and build strong and loving marriages.

I like that I can do this at my house, on my own time, and it really gets me thinking. Me and the DadGuy have completely opposite communication styles, and Power of Two is actually helping me to realize that maybe making fun of him all the time isn’t such a good idea. (who ever would have thought) Seriously though, it helps you to see your spouse in a different light, and appreciate them more for who they are. And if you have more pressing problems than who teases who the most, they have a section for that too.

(seriously though, if you think that marriage automatically = happy, you are dead wrong.)

(also: happy anniversary to DadGuy next week.)

(this is awkward now.)