March 6, 2011

Mayonnaise Bread

Taylor has taken to eating “mayonnaise bread” lately.

kids are gross

Now, I like to think that I can handle things that would gross out other parents. Vomit? Broken bones? No problem.

head wounds

But THIS…. This is killing me.

mayonnaise bread

Who eats mayonnaise bread? Taylor…

just want another mayonnaise bread

And by “mayonnaise bread” I really just mean “mayonnaise”.

shovel it in

Sometimes she’ll get a piece of bread, put the mayonnaise on top, then lick it off. BUT SHE NEVER EATS THE BREAD. And sometimes, just to switch it up, she’ll use a hot dog bun, or a tortilla.

goes stale

And who KNOWS what her sad little three year old arteries look like.

heart attack

I just don’t get it.


I’ve never met anyone who likes mayonnaise as much as her. Butter, maybe. But not mayonnaise. I don’t even think Paula Dean would eat mayonnaise straight out of the jar like that.

srsly so gross

I mean, really, would it kill her to try something else?