March 1, 2011

Easy DIY Tutu Tutorial

I am late on a deadline. LATE I tell you, LATE. As such, I have decided to repost this oh so nifty how to  make a tutu tutorial, because let’s face it… some of you are new here and didn’t know I had a crafty side, and DEADLINE PEOPLE. 
- - - - -

HOW TO MAKE A TUTU: an easy step by step guide

Tutu’s are cute, and little girls love them. They are also insanely cheap and easy to make. How easy? Let me show you. First off, gather your supplies:
  • Tulle
  • Elastic
  • needle and thread
How much tulle you use largely depends on how full you want your tutu. More tulle = more fullness. I would recommend a minimum of 5-6 yards of tulle for one regular length, child size tutu.

Step One: Measure the elastic for your tutu

If you’re making a traditional tutu, measure around the waist. If you want to make a tutu dress, measure just under the armpits. Once you have your elastic measured and cut, you will overlap the ends of the elastic about an inch, and sew them together.  If your tutu is going to be used for dressing up, I recommend backstitching a few times for strength.

Step Two: Cut the tulle into strips

Tulle can be bought pre-cut into 6 inch wide strips (like a fat ribbon) or it can be purchased by the yard in 45 or 60 inch widths. You will want to cut your tulle into 6 inch (or so) strips.  After the tulle has been cut into strips, you need to determine the length of your tutu. If you want the tutu to be 15 inches long, you’ll need to double it, and add two inches (to allow for the elastic) So a 15 inch tutu needs 32 inch lengths. A 20 inch length needs 42 inches. (If you bought the strips of tulle, you can just cut out the correct length.)

Step Three: Trim the edges

The ends of the tulle don’t have to be square. Round and pointed ends give your tutu a flowery finish.

Step Four: Tie the knot

There are two methods I use for attaching the tulle to the elastic. I will either loop the tulle around the elastic, or tie it in a square knot. Which method you use is entirely up to you.

Step Five: Repeat step 4

You’ll continue tying the tulle to the elastic until you have no elastic left to cover. DO NOT PULL the elastic as you’re tying on the tulle.

To make a fuller tutu, layer 2-3 strips of tulle on top of one another, and then tie it to the elastic.

Tie knots at the bottom for a simple variation.

Short tutu's are perfect for toddlers and newborns.

Longer tutu's can be tied behind the neck and worn as a dress!

(You'll need a LOT of tulle to make a tutu dress.)

And that, my friends, is how to make an almost No-Sew Tutu.