February 28, 2011

Because you asked:

We did NOT have pizza night on Saturday. Know why? Because it was Saturday. And I decided that doing regular work is not at all the same as doing extra work. I would tell you what we did instead, but I don't remember.... because I'm old and tired and that was like, two days ago. (Yes, I quite literally cannot make plans of any sort without my calendar right in front of my face.)

In other news, I had fun night with some girlfriends on Sunday. I hosted an Oscar Party, courtesy of Freschetta pizza, and it was lovely. Although, I may have stayed up a smidgen too late, woken up another smidgen too early (you know you haven't gotten enough sleep when the water from the shower burns your eyes), and then run around town like a crazy person getting everything done.

(I'm officially in physical therapy! Go ankles!)

I promise I will have pictures up soon, but for now? I sleep.