February 25, 2011

Life Isn't Fair

Today is Friday and Friday at my house means one thing, and one thing only: PIZZA & MOVIE NIGHT.

You see, every Friday, if everyone has done their chores, and been generally happy, then we have pizza. THEN we stay up late and watch a movie. ON THE COUCH. WHEN IT'S DARK TIME OUTSIDE.

But not today, oh no, that didn't happen.

Instead, my imaginative children decided to turn into unruly beasts, and when I had absolutely HAD IT... I cancelled pizza night.

We had a regular dinner, with regular green beans.

After dinner, we had regular showers, and regular night time routines.

Regular night time routines were followed by our regular bedtime, which was when the little monsters finally realized that this was serious.

"We are really going to bed NOW? But it's Friday!" they cried.

And in all my mommy wisdom, I replied. "It is for me... I EARNED IT."

Then I shut the door on their sad little faces, called out good night in my best sing-songy voice, and collapsed on the couch.

Now, I am debating between making them wait until NEXT Friday, or letting them earn a Pizza Night tomorrow, provided they don't act like a bunch of idiots.

What would you do?