January 16, 2011

The Official Plan

BLACK kitchen cabinets.

WHITE kitchen island.

POSSIBILITIES include corbels under the upper cabinets, crown moulding on uppers, and maybe a bead board back splash (although I do love a good subway tile...)

Plus you know I am thinking about converting the current pantry into a half bath and making the breakfast nook (that is unusable for us) into a full blown butler's pantry... even though it probably doesn't technically count as a butler's pantry because it's still in the same room as my actual kitchen. Dumb open floor plans. But GUYS, the PLUMBING for a half bath is already there! I know, right? It's like, why didn't they put a toilet there in the first place?

Also of note: You all like bright green, turquoise, and red, and while yes, I like those colors, I do not like them  on my walls. (There, I said it. I appreciate that YOU have a red/blue/purple kitchen, but it's not for me.) Plus, I do hair in my kitchen, (don't tell the state board) and do you have any idea what a turquoise wall would do to the lighting for a blonde? DO YOU? It would totally screw with my processing time, because it's not a natural color, and would literally make the difference between a gorgeous blonde that has processed exactly right, and a screwed up brassy highlight. Even the yellow that is on the walls right now is no good, because it makes everyone look jaundiced.

Plus I hate yellow.

Someone else asked what my design aesthetic is, and well, it's hard to explain. Because I really like the vintage country cottage look, but modern. (Read: without all the foofy crap.) So, you know. THAT.

P.S. I hate knick knacks. And think that BOOKS belong on bookshelves, and not crap. I don't think every square inch of space needs to be occupied by some THING. Bare counters are sexy, yo.