January 14, 2011

Black and White

This is my kitchen.

kitchen before

And it’s alright as is and all that jazz, but I want to put my stamp on it.

And since I have white counters and white appliances, I didn’t really want to paint the cabinets white.

(Because dudes, I am NOT changing the counters or the appliances. Unless someone wants to give me a few thousand dollars.)


I may have had a change of heart…. maybe.

Because I asked by e-BFF Google what he thought about all white kitchens, and he loves ‘em.

But I’m still not 100%.


I’m asking your opinion.

(And that you please excuse my poorly photoshopped enhancements.)


kitchen white

or Black?

kitchen black


I could make the cabinets black and the island white:

kitchen white island

Or the cabinets white and the island black:

kitchen black island

And in case you hadn’t figured it out yet, I’m dubbing 2011 the year of the paint.

(Oh, and I am SO getting rid of the yellow.)

Black Uppers and Island:

black uppers

Or some other combination?

P.S. This is fun.