January 12, 2011

Snowpacolypse 2011! (it sounds better if you say it with sarcasm)





The teeny bit of snow we did get is pretty much gone and melted now.

 (oh my gosh, whatever will we do with these blizzard like conditions?)

First it was going to start snowing Monday night. Then early Tuesday. Then Tuesday afternoon. Then Tuesday night. Then early Wednesday.

We even did a snow dance, because we thought it would help.

How to have a snow dance: 

Put your pajamas on backwards. 

Dance around like a crazy person. 

Unfortunately, that didn't really work either. 

I am thinking, though, that I should apply for a weatherman position. 

Because I can call the weather just as well, if not better, than the schmucks they have working right now, and my estimations are based on not one, not two, but THREE surefire bad weather predictors:
  1. how itchy my skin is
  2. how curly my hair is
  3. and how bad my wrist hurts (thank you old dodgeball injury and years of blow-drying clients!)
And if all of the above are happening? WATCH OUT. 

It's a totally fail safe plan.