January 18, 2011

It's just how I always dreamed it would be

Daniel is sick.

Sinus infection.

Double ear infection.

And a wicked nasty eye infection too.

(Sidenote: You know you've spent too much time in a doctor's office when the doctor writes you a prescription, you look at it, hand it back, and tell him to write a new one for the antibiotic of your choosing.... I don't want to come back in 10 days, thankyouverymuch.)

By default, this means that he is ruining everyone else's life.

He is unwilling to share anything,

overly possessive,



and cries at the drop of a hat.

On top of that, school was cancelled (again) because of a little ice.

So I have extra people who are trying to play with other people and guys,


The icing on the cake is that DadGuy was conveniently "sick" yesterday too.


You know when people are "sick" and they have a headache,

And yet they still manage to play video games?

Which, I may point out, if you actually HAD a headache, you would not be focusing your eyes on video games, but rather laying in a dark, cold, and quiet room, as far removed from people as humanly possible.


So I have one actual sick person,

One fake sick person,

Four short people with cabin fever,

And one big gigantic mess of a house.

If this isn't the picture perfect joy of motherhood,

I don't know what is.