October 23, 2010

Sweet Justice

I was going to tell you all about my favorite teachers, then I remembered that I never had a favorite.. Except for my Aunt Karen, but she was never my teacher, so it doesn’t really count now does it?

At any rate, I did have a teacher of two that hated me, so today we’re going to talk about them. Mostly about Mr. Johnston.

Mr. Johnston was my seminary teacher.

johnston 1
Mr. Johnston didn’t like me because I didn’t like his interpretation of certain scriptures, and I told him so.
 johnston 2
One day, I was told to stay after class so that he could talk to me. Except that he didn’t talk to me so much as told me I was going to hell.

johnston 3

Not only did he actually say that to a 14 year old girl, he took so long “speaking” to me, that I missed my bus home.

missed the bus

And I as stood there, wiping the tears off my face, I looked back at the seminary building and saw Mr. Johnston’s bike.  Naturally, I borrowed it.

rode the bike home

Oh the sweet, sweet justice.

see ya!

I took the bike back the next day.

the bike returns

Shortly thereafter, I went to a new school.

The end.