November 1, 2009

In a Nutshell

Every now and then it's just so easy to use bullet points to sum up my life... Today is one of those days.

*We had Halloween. It was great. We went trick or treating 3 times and have unbelievable amounts of candy. In turn, any child that rang our doorbell received gobs and gobs of goodies.

*Halloween costuming was as follows: Taylor - Supergirl, Daniel - G.I. Joe, Blayne - started out as a Sock Hop Girl and ended up as a Pretty Pink Princess, Thaddeus - Red Power Ranger.

*DadGuy is home! That should actually be the first point. He. Is. Home. And it is ever so nice. He brought me a new camera, so I was able to take pictures of us in our Halloween gloriousness. Unfortunately, the computer is still dead so I can't share them yet.

*The computer. I'm at a loss. If I was still in good ole' Arizona, I'd know exactly who to call about this mess. I'd even be able to trade hair services for computer repair. Here? Pshh. I have NO CLUE who to ask. I don't even know that any of my friends husbands do computer stuff. In fact, I'm going to say that for the most part, I have no idea what line of work they're in at all. I could be friends with the wife of a computer genius and not know it. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR. PERSONAL MISUSE.

*Luckily, I have a backup of all the files and photos this time.

*I got an email awhile ago asking about my thoughts on feminism. I'm still formulating my answer. Because I don't think my answer is going to fit into the preconceived box that today's feminist woman has built for herself. Yes, I said it. You put yourselves in a box and good luck climbing out of that one by yourself.

*There is no school tomorrow. Or Tuesday. It's parent-teacher conference time. I really should call someone and see if they'd watch the hooligans for a bit so that I can go alone. I focus lots better when I don't have to worry about someone running with scissors or gluing their eyes shut.

*It's NOVEMBER. Thanksgiving is next. Who's coming to dinner? Serious inquires only. I make a mean turkey. Don't expect pie. Well, maybe a pie or two. You will enjoy my bread pudding. IT'S DELICIOUS.

*Taylor is still limping. We went to the doctor, and she said if she was still limping on Monday, then we'd do x-rays. It's 7:00 pm Sunday night. I think its safe to say that we'll be doing x-rays tomorrow.

*We're going to use this point to fade to black.

*End scene.