October 30, 2009

It goes by so quickly

We're on the tail end of the sick train. On the one hand, no more throwing up. On the other hand, no more 5 hour naps.

I really miss naps.

Other things I realize I've missed of late.

Diaper bags. Guys, I no longer carry a ginorm diaper bag with me wherever I go. I also don't have extra clothes in the back of the car, a bottle warmer in the glove compartment, emergency ziploc bags, or a *gasp* stroller.

The back of my car? Has a yoga mat and free weights.

My purse? Has my wallet, keys, a stray toy or two, and if I remember to put it in, a diaper.

When did I get to the point in my life where diapers were an optional carrying item?

I have full fledged KIDS.

Next thing I know, they'll be graduating college and having their own babies.

I guess those people that said "it goes by so quickly" actually knew what they were talking about.