October 29, 2009

I'm too exhausted from de-germing to think of a title. What?

Thaddeus got sent home from school today.

He wasn't feeling well, so he went to the nurse.

She took his temperature.

I had to come get him.

He's pretty miserable.

Of course, this means that we didn't get it from him.

Because this makes the first people to get it,


(And yes, I completely refer to my youngest children as my babies)

Daniel and Taylor were the first casualties.

They don't go anywhere


The church nursery.

Well, Danny has preschool, but the exposure timing of 4-7 days = church


LR1 parents, consider yourselves warned.

(Do you love that I talk to them on my blog? THEY TOTALLY READ MY BLOG.)

(Which is totally awesome/horrifying.)