November 4, 2009

Things that are Making Me Happy

1. Ikea As-Is!

I don't know if I've sung my praises for the Ikea As-Is section before, but I feel like I must do so now. I was there this very morning and scored a very nice bookcase in perfect condition for half the original price. I snatched it right up and got the stink eye from another lady who then had to ask me if I realized how great a find that was. Yes, stinky eye lady, I KNOW.

2. Unpacked!

I am OFFICIALLY all the way unpacked. Right after I finagled that fabulous bookcase into my office, I unpacked the remaining few boxes that I had. This means that....

3. My Office is Set!

I'm done! I have a work space, a computer space, I have a craft closet, and my books are organized by genre, then alphabetically by author. *cough*dorkalert*cough* Sigh. It's perfectly lovely. This also means that...

4. Scrapbooking!

Scrapbooking is back. I've taken, oh, about a year and a half off because I didn't have a spot to do it in the last house. But NOW! I have an office with a big old table all to myself and I can SHUT THE DOOR! AND LOCK IT! Which means I won't have to clean everything up all the time because I can just lock my kids out of the room! I won't have to worry about certain little girls using my good glue and expensive stickers and papers on her face! Score!

Those are the things that are making me so happy right now. I completely realize how dorky I am due to the fact that everything up there has to do with me having an office. {shrug} EMBRACE THE DORKINESS... EMBRACE IT.

P.S. Nominations for the 2009 Weblog Awards are open. I tell you this because last year, I got my trash kicked and it was embarassing. I know that people say "it's an honor just to be nominated," but those people are the ones that WON. Trust me. Anyways, feel free to nominate my blog. Or yours. But mostly mine. kthx.