May 22, 2009

Fun Fact Friday! Clean Freak Edition

This week's Fun Fact Friday! is brought to you by my new lover.

* I have to mop my floors by hand. Otherwise, I don't really believe the floor is clean. Besides, it's a great upper body workout and how else are you going to get the baseboards clean? Pffht.

* Same with the toilets. I have a toilet brush mostly to keep a certain shortling occupied while I clean the bathtub, then I reclean it, by hand, with comet and bleach.

* Comet just might be my favorite cleaning product of all time.

* Sponges are my least favorite. Stinky, smelly, slimy. Gag.

* I totally make my kids do chores.

* Thaddeus and Blayne switch over the laundry and are able to carry it upstairs

* Daniel knows where every piece of clothing in this house goes.

* Taylor is good at fetching hangers.

* Daniel and Blayne are also pretty good folders.

* Thaddeus would rather eat dirt than fold socks.

* Daniel and I fought over who got to vacuum the floors today. (I won)

* I like my house to smell like NOTHING. Forget florals, give me CLEAN.

* I can't handle any kind of moldy smelling anything. If I even suspect that something is going bad, I throw it out. Outside.

* I even clean my trash cans.


* The only other smell I really really like? Salons. As in, hair AND nail.

* Don't even think about leaving me a comment about the nature of OCD.