May 27, 2009

Weekend Update

Well that was a nice little break.

Every now and then it's so nice to step away from the computer and really enjoy life, ya' know?

In other news, we went to Colonial Beach yesterday. It was really cold. And windy.

And while we thought we could maybe go swimming, Blayne summed it up best.

"Those is DROWNING waters."

Blayne, Daniel, and Grandpa

Grandpa, Daniel, Blayne, and Grandma

Grandpa, saving Blayne
(because rescuing sand buckets is a wet job)

back row:Taylor, Meredith, Grandma, moi
front row: Daniel, Blayne, Thaddeus

And for the extraordinarily unobservant, that would be my parents and one of my sisters visiting. Well, my parents are visiting. Meredith is going to stay for keeps. {eyebrow wiggle}