May 21, 2009

Goals. I need some.

I'm reinstating a schedule for myself. Because not going to bed and not having to wake up to be anywhere are sorta compelling me to be more and more lazy. So I'm going to get up at 6 and shower immediately after. Otherwise, I wake up when I hear the kids, walk down the hall and get them breakfast, and then I lay on the couch and die for the next little while.

And while laying on the couch in a comatose state used to be my dream of a perfect day, that day didn't include a whole bunch of short people that can open doors and climb up the pantry shelves to get themselves a snack, while inadvertently knocking down boxes of goldfish and pretzels and 87 cans of tomato sauce.

So I am going to pretend I'm in school again, and set my alarm. I am going to wake up, and get ready, and hope to all goodness that I don't have to vacuum so much.