October 21, 2008

Rocking the Table

One of the marked differences from where I was raised, and where I now live, is the Mexican food scene. In Arizona, there's Mexican restaurant on every corner. There are 24 hour dives, upscale restaurants, and everything in between.

Short of Taco Bell, I have not seen one Mexican restaurant. None. At all. (And don't get me started on the sad, sad fate of Virginia Taco Bell. Sad guys. Really. And they don't even have Dr. Pepper at the Taco Bells here. Do you realize the horribleness of it all? but I digress.... actually, not yet. I guess there's an On the Border but well, umm, not true Mexican. I think they're mistaking the Canadian border for Mexico... AHEM.)

So I've been on a mission. Because MomBabe LIVES for her Pollo Fundido's and Spanish rice.

That being said, last night, I ROCKED dinnertime.

Have you ever eaten at Someburro's? Have you had their Pollo Fundido? Because umm, YEAH, it's the best ever and little ole me figured out how to make it. (No seriously. Even DadGuy was raving about it. And he doesn't rave about anything.)

And before Matta's closed, you know their rice? Their oh so delicious Spanish rice? I figured that one out too.

So, head on over to my menu site, because, yeah, I totally rocked the dinner.