October 22, 2008


My crib is broken. Meaning to say, that it's not broken from overuse or poor workmanship. It's broken because 4 little heathens were jumping on it and the railing clip thingamajigs broke. (I'm so technical) So now I have it butted up into a corner with the open side facing the wall because I have to get new beds.

And I'm NOT going to buy another crib. Logically, the next step is bunk beds. Preferably bunk beds that can later be taken apart into two twin beds that are made of SOLID WOOD and that don't look like they were built by the local cub scouts.

I'm a bunk bed snob.

I do not want metal. I do not want particleboard. I do not do MDF, or plywood, or aluminum. I want SOLID. WOOD.

I want the top bunk railing to extend the ENTIRE LENGTH of the bed. I have little people that will fall through little spaces. Therefore, I vote no little spaces.

I need the ladder to be built into the bed. It needs to be SCREWED ON. Because I do not need people to take the ladder, and prop it between the dining room chairs and walk across it.

And I know that's what'll happen because between the time they broke the crib yesterday midday, to today, I've had to deconstruct their "cool ladder trick" at least 579,412,185 times.

I also need it to be LESS THAN $1800. And by less I mean around $350. Maybe $400. Because I still have to buy another mattress and two bunkie boards. (And DadGuy is a mattress snob. No cheap mattresses in his house, no sir.)

Of course, then I'll need bedding. Not that I need bedding, but I'd prefer for them to have coordinating bedding. It shouldn't be hard, except that we have problems when ONE of us gets something new and the OTHERS of us don't. (Which is why there are lots of duplicates in this house)


My crib is broken.

le sigh.