April 26, 2008


I have all sorts of church related updates for y'all. Remember, in November, when my church building burnt to the ground? No? Here, let me help you remember.....

Well, after the investigation wrapped up (why yes, it WAS arson, thanks for asking), the first thing we all wanted to know is if we were going to rebuild in the same location. Turns out? yes, yes we are.

The plans and sketches for the new building were shown to us, and they've already started the process of permits and whatnot. In fact, I've seen some survey teams out there already, flagging the ground. anyways, this is what our new building will look like......

Pretty, right?

In another twist of church related matters, two more LDS temples are being built in Arizona, one in Gilbert and another in Gila Valley. woot-woot!

I wonder if they'll be big ones, like the Mesa, AZ temple, or small, like the Snowflake, AZ temple?