April 23, 2008

Baby Boom, continued

he-he-he! I love all the comments and thoughts about the baby registries.

For the record, I'm NOT talking about any one person. Like I said, tis the season for babies. I have 10+ baby showers over the next month, just like all the April/Mays past. (And yes, I'm part of the problem, I did have two of my kids in May....)

So, my feelings on baby showers:

Have one! I don't care if it's your first baby or your sixth. They're really fun.

And if it's your sixth baby, you could probably use some new stuff anyways

Same goes if it's not your first baby, but it's the first baby of a different gender

Because by the time baby number 3 rolls around, if you have 2 boys, and then this one's a girl! Well, we know that you don't have as much money to get all the girl stuff you want, but *hopefully* you have the things you need by now.

I personally feel that EVERY baby needs to be celebrated. Heck throw a BBQ, I'll come and give you a gift.

Just because it's not your first baby, it's still a cute-wittle-baby!

I also think that adopted babies need a party. And the best part is, the baby usually makes an appearance!

If it's been 5+ years from your last baby, even if you kept all your baby gear, it's probably expired. (Did you know carseats expire? Because they do. CARSEATS HAVE EXPIRATION DATES)

Registries are *generally* helpful. But don't be greedy. Let me know the crib bedding you like. But don't register for everything that's pink because you're having a girl.

And don't register for strictly newborn clothing. It really stinks when you have 87 outfits and you baby is only that size for a month.

Don't save the "cute outfit" for a special occasion. Every day is an occasion. You just had a baby! Besides, if you wait and wait, they'll never wear it.

Here's my handy guide for you and baby sizes:
NB-under 8 lbs. which means if your doctor thinks the baby is going to be big, you don't need this size. 0-3 month - 8-11 pounds - but kinda depends on the shape of your baby. My kids were out of this size by the time they were 2 weeks (seriously. my 11 month old wears a size 2T.... and she was a preemie) I guess what I'm saying is, error on the side of caution. Bigger is better.

Also concerning baby clothes: babies are kinda like big blobs until they're about 4 months. So really cute 2 piece outfits and dresses and stuff? Don't look as cute as they would if your baby was holding their head up. Because the clothes get all smooshed up and you can't see the uber cute outfit anyways. Best way to make a baby girl look cute? Headbands... and earrings. Boys? hats...

I also think Baby Boys need rompers. A romper is like a onesie in the sense that it's one piece, but it's like a onesie with shorts. Like this....

So cute, right? Of course, girls look equally delicious in rompers.....
And with rompers, it's one step. One item you put on and voila, the babe's dressed.

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