March 9, 2008

Sunday Outing

We have a new tradition. The Sunday Outing..... It starts out well enough.

(do you like the view? I think it's a hoot.)

Some of us last longer than others.

This is the destination.

But we get sidetracked by sharp objects

And magical "bridges"

And ooh, ooh! The flowers match my shirt mommy!

then we decide to give the bush a shake. Why? Because we're kids and that's how we roll.

More flowers, and even though they don't match, we'll still look at them. Cause they're "lellow!"

And then DadGuy tries to get us to come with him. But there's stuff to look at .

Dad Guy finally convinces Tank and Blondie to follow him, but then there's that other kid, Mack. He kept finding rocks. And we all know the awesomeness that is a rock.

And thus the Sunday Outing ends.