March 9, 2008

Blog Giveaway!!!

So you know when you're at the playground, and you see what happens to pretty much be the coolest onesie ever on that baby over there? And you start wondering, where did they find that? Because you totally want one? After all, why should anyone be cuter or sassier than your kid?

They Shouldn't.

So I'm gonna help all you folks out, that's right. I'm giving away something fabulous.....

(See how cute and sassy my kids look? Your's can too.)

They have ingenious baby and toddler gear (oh yeah, the sizes go up to 5T.... and it's a real 5T, not like some of the shirts that say 5T and really mean 0-3 months, but that's a whole 'nother topic)

Besides, you know your kids have attitudes NOW.... Bust out with the truth. Try this one on for size. And you know that this one will be perfect for your little prince or princess. Or maybe you're a breastfeeding advocate. (okay, that one's really rebellious, but here's another awesome breastfed baby shirt.) And my personal favorite, Cereal Killer.

So, courtesy of Rebel Ink Baby, I have Three Giveaways for you guys....

I Live in a Gated Community - Long sleeved Tee, size 6-12 month

Four-Leaf Clover - Onesie, size 0-6 months (just in time for St. Paddy's Day!)

Black Pacifier

So, to win a prize, tell me what your favorite saying is. Then, just comment and let me know. I'm excited to hear what you all !

I will pick a winner randomly, from a hat (or a bowl or something) Wednesday, March 12. (so that you can get your clover shirt in time for St. Patrick's day.)

So, leave me a comment, and make sure I have a link to your webpage or email so that I don't have to hunt you down or give your prize to someone else.