March 10, 2008

Get Moving Monday!

I tried out for Biggest Loser. Apparently, I'm not TV Gold because they didn't call me back.


So I must get in shape on my own. Therefore, I'm starting a Movement.

So, come check in with me every Monday. Let me know your successes and your failures, and even if you're already thin, share some tips with us, or just clue us in on how you do healthy.

I'm going to check in once a week, and let you know how I've done.

So, week one. Hi, I'm the MomBabe, and I'm overweight and don't like it one bit. This week, as in TODAY, I'm going to start a food journal and write down every scrap of food that goes in my mouth. I'd love to hear from you and encourage you to join me on my weight loss journey. It promises to be quite the roller-coaster.