February 19, 2008

Reason #381845750 why I'm hoping to move far, far away

No more conversations/confrontations like this:

MIL - did you take Tad in to be tested?

Me - Tested? For what?

MIL - You know, because he's autistic.

Me - Ummm, NO. Because he's NOT AUTISTIC.

MIL - Well, he's not talking as much

Me - That's because he's 4 and he only talks to people he wants to talk to.

MIL - I just know he's autistic.

Me - NO. HE'S. NOT! You really need to stop saying that because he's NOT. He's awesome and smart and not autistic and great.

MIL - Well.........

ME- He's fine. He might be ornery and crazy and stubborn. But that's because he's FOUR and a BOY.

MIL - You can't pretend that he's not when he is...... autistic, I mean.

ME- (walking away before I punch someone in the face.)

seriously people. I'm SO OVER this conversation.