February 19, 2008

How well do my children know me.

My sweet, sweet 3 year old just came into my room...

"Mom, I need a go to McDonald's fors a snack. I need a chicken nuggets and some french fries.... and a Dr. Pepper for you. You need a Dr. Pepper snack."

Ahh, sweet child, if only that could happen. sigh.

Meanwhile, how is it that you take your children to McDonald's one time and forever and ever since, they can recall with perfect clarity the name of the establishment? Maybe because stupid McDonald's sponsors every children's show known to man? Or maybe it's my fault for letting them watch TV... Or for giving into the hype and getting a blasted happy meal once upon a time and my children thought that they were eating wonderous and magical cuisine? You know, if places like, Taco Bell, for instance, had a playground, I'm sure we'd ask to go there too..... (any restaurant people reading this? Want more business? BUILD A PLAYPLACE. That's all I'm saying.)