February 20, 2008

Love Letters

My darling Taylor-face,

You are nine months old today. The time has flown by so quickly. You are such a joy in our home and we're so lucky to have your sweet spirit here with us. You are such a happy girl, even when you cry, you smile through it. And when you get mauled by your brothers and sister, you giggle.

You're already trying to get in on all the action.... You scoot around the house with amazing speed, you are a pro at climbing up the step, and you've figured out how to get down with the least amount of bodily harm. (Yes, you somehow figured out the tuck and roll.)

You still aren't sitting up, and you don't have very much interest in trying to learn. Your favorite toys aren't really toys at at. You love the bottle something fierce and would happily avoid solid food forever..... Too bad you're so small and I'm so big and bossy.

It seems as if you've been here with us forever, and yet it's only been a few short months. You really do complete this family. I love you with all my heart.