November 16, 2007


1. What time is it? 9:40 am
2. What's your full name? The MomBabe
3. What are you most afraid of? DadGuy dying and having to be a single mom...
4. What is the most recent movie that you have seen in a theater? LOL. Seriously? I don't remember.
5. Place of birth?Maryvale, Arizona
6. Favorite food? ??? anything I didn't have to make.
7. What's your natural hair color?blonde. but it's getting darker as I get older
8. Ever been to Alaska ? nope
9. Ever been toilet paper rolling? umm, YEAH! I'm a pro.
10. Love someone so much it made you cry? I cried when I had my babies
11. Been in a car accident? nothing serious. I was rear-ended at a RED LIGHT in high school
12. Croutons or bacon bits? neither. pepperochini's. mmmm.
13. Favorite day of the week? Sunday?
14. Favorite restaurant? LOL. I don't know. I don't get out much.
15. Favorite flower? anything exotic and weird looking
16. Favorite sport to watch? Live, football. On TV, I pass
17. Favorite drink? Dr. Pepper... from a fountain
18. Favorite ice cream? not a big fan of ice cream. but if I have to choose, I really like the twist cones at McDonalds.
19. Disney or Warner Brothers? Disney
20. Ever been on a ship? ship, no. boat, yes. and there IS a difference.
21. What color is your bedroom carpet? it's a mixture. Mostly brown with all different color flecks.
22. Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail? Randi
23. What do you do when you are bored? clean.
24. What is your bedtime? I don't really have one.
25. Who will respond to this e-mail the quickest? Well, I'm doing this on a BLOG. So, I don't know. Probably NObody. Because SOME people don't do things even if you personally tag them...
26. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond? see above
27. Who is the person that you are most curious to see their response? ???
28. Favorite TV show? It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, it is SO FUNNY.
29. Last person you went to dinner with? Went? I refer you to my answer on #14
30. What is your favorite vacation spot? Well, I went on my first vacation EVER a few weeks ago. And I'm not going to say it's my favorite. But I think staying around home, in my PJ's lounging sounds Fabulous.
31. What are your favorite colors? pink, red, gray, black
32. How many tattoos do you have? I plead the 5th
33. How many pets do you have? NONE!! Hooray!!!
34. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Ask someone who knows.
35. What do you want to do before you die? I don't know. Lots of stuff. I want to die when I'm OLD
36. Have you ever been to Hawaii ? No
37. Have you been to countries outside the U.S. ? Mexico. (Hey, I'm in Arizona. It's a given.)
38. How many people are you sending this e-mail to? None. I'm posting it on my blog-o!
39. Type the first word that comes to mind to describe yourself. tired.

Now copy and paste. I tag ALL.