November 16, 2007

It's Award Time People...

This goes to Sue. Just for spite.

This is for any Mom anywhere. We know fun. We know squishing. Need I say more?

This is from NancyFace. Thankyouverymuch. I would like to give it to Nichole and Kristine and Sarah. Go ahead, give it to some of your special friends. (3 to be exact)

Thank you NancyFace. I like to think I make people smile, even if they don't admit it and refuse to leave a comment. This can go to everyone on my sidebar that makes me laugh... (yes, that includes YOU.)

This goes to the true addicts. Lindsey. Robin. Shauna. NancyFace. Paige. Celia.Randi. And maybe Sue, not that she'd DO anything with it.

Thanks Nichole. I bestow this on everyone that has ever left a comment. Ever. I love comments, I LIVE for comments. So, if you want this award, leave a comment. -K-?

This is for Kristine. She knows why.

PS. I have notified some of you. Not all of you. I got tired of leaving comments en mass. So, if you didn't get a comment, don't feel bad. I just was too exhausted to click anymore.