November 17, 2007

I'm honored!

Or freaked a little bit. So, I was checking the stats on my photobucket accout for the first time ever. Man, I am popular! My average MONTHLY hits were 2990.

No, I'm not kidding! Luckily, there are only like, 6 pictures of me... the rest is my digital scrapbook papers. Anyhow. I have now made my album private. I have a feeling a few thousand people might be a trifle mad at me.


PS Why can't my blog be that popular? I'm awesome, right?

PSS Umm, if you don't think I'm awesome, don't tell me. (that would be mean)

PSSS But if you DO think I'm awesome, gush away.

PSSSS Is it PSSS or PPS? I have no idea and now that there are so many, I'm thoroughly confused.