October 1, 2007

The Model Mormon Mother

Okay, my MIL gave me a really funny little book, so I have to share.

Notes from a Model Mormon Mother:

Enrichment Challenge - "try something creative with the kid's lunches" - put peanut butter on after the jelly?

Work on Bishop's challenge to read scriptures for 15 minutes when home is quiet - set alarm for 3:30 a.m.

Does going to a tupperware party count as compassionate service?

Tell DadGuy that next Sunday I would like to honk the horn while he gets the kids ready for church.

Idea for Enrichment Night mini-class: finishing the projects started in the last mini-class

Can a woman get into the celestial kingdom without knowing how to quilt? Top-third?

Ask home teachers to explain why chewing food without swallowing is not true fasting.

Is it alright to cook with coke? *Ask Bishop*

*Make Jill's costume for the Roadshow* How many branches do the dancing trees need?Leaves? Roots? Could she just wear a green blanket?

Search internet for tips on removing peanut butter from 2nd Nephi. . .

Devise diet I can stick to...no caviar...no champagne...no chocolate mousse...no garlic...

Response for next time someone says "Are all those children yours?!?" * No, I just checked them out from the library...

Call Visting Teacher back - no, it wouldn't be convenient for me is she "stopped by" on her way home from dropping her kids off at early morning seminary.

Relief Society Challenge - indulge yourself with something you've always wanted to do...take a bath without any kids!!!