October 1, 2007


So, my absolute favorite thing about having kids old enough to talk is their conversations with one another. . .

Blayne - You take this pillow out.
Tad - No, I gotta lock the windows
Blayne - Oh, okay. I lock the doors. then we take our pillows out.
Me - What're you guys doing?
Blayne- Umm, the robots in space are gonna hit our house.
Me - Oh, hit our house?
Tad - Yeah, and I gotta lock the windows 'cause Daddy's not here and I gotta save us.
Blayne - Yeah, we can rescue the Bingham house. See, you take out this pillow and put all your stuff inside here, and then we can hide in our beds.
Me - Well, I don't want to take out my pillow
Blayne - then you can die. and that will be so sad.
Tad - Yeah Mom, then you can't be rescued so you will die. But it's okay. I'm big.