September 29, 2007

Fun times

Well, today was fun. We thought we'd go to the zoo, but when we got there (at 7:30 a.m.!!) the place was jam packed. We're talking, families parking at the ASU stadium and walking. Yeah, it was ZooWalk, so, we ditched that idea. We ended up at McDonald's for a really long time. Not the plan, but fun all the same.

And tonight we went to the park. Blayne and Tad are kamikazes. Man alive, they were riding their bikes up and down the ramps, then they tried to go down the slides. . .we stopped that one pretty fast. Man those kids do some dangerous stuff! And Danny was so cute. He just walked around, picking up the sand and letting it fall through his fingers. And he swings. They put in baby swings (finally!) so he can actually have a turn when we go to the park now.

Then on the way home, we stopped by that green belt right by us, and rode our bikes down that a couple of times. We were flying! I had Danny in the wagon with me, and Tad and Blayne were on their bikes. . . it was super fun. Blayne biffed it at the very end and scraped her nose all up, but I don't think she minded, seeing as the fun outweighed the crash.

Oh, and let me tell you, I made the most scrumptious dinner tonight. I made my very own alfredo sauce for the first time EVER and it was so, so yummy. And I made some chicken that was plain ole' tasty. I kinda modified a recipe I had, and mmm-mmm, my family gobbled it up.

So, now I'm going to pass on my recipes because, if my whole family likes something, yours might too.

Alfredo - 1/4 c butter, 6 garlic cloves minced - saute til it smells yummy - then add a little flour to make a rue. ( I think I used about 1/4 cup) - then I whisked in 2 c. milk (and stirred, and stirred, and stirred. . .until the milk was hot but NOT boiling) - then I added in about 1/3 c cream cheese spread and 2 handfuls of parmesean cheese - and whisked and whisked and whisked - and that's it. It was AWESOME.

Then for the chicken - 2 parts - you can use ckn tenders, or breasts or whatever. Anyways, first you dip it in a mixture of dijon mustard, orange juice, and a dash of salt. (equal parts OJ to mustard. . .I used frozen OJ concentrate which I think made it taste better. two heaping TBSP OJ concentrate and two TBSP mustard) - Then you dip it in (wait for it. . .) Crushed up Saltines! Well, Saltines (I used an entire package. Not the whole box, not 4 pkg., just the one) with some pepper and a small onion diced really fine. so, dip in mustard mix, roll in saltines, then bake at 350 for 20 minutes, flip, and bake another 15-20 minutes. I'm telling you, they gobbled it up. So good, and easy, and fast.

anyways, I was pretty proud of myself at dinnertime so, I had to brag. And now, at 7:30, everyone's in bed and I'm playing on the computer. . .How great a day is that?