September 26, 2010

Finicky Fours

Daniel is four….

Very, VERY four.

I do not like the “four”

It is by far, the hardest age for me to deal with.

Colicky newborns? Piece of cake.

Terrible twos? As if.

Mischievous three? pffht.

You see, a four year old doesn’t know if they’re a big kid…

Or a little tiny baby.

They are LOUD and energetic.

They are also jealous, possessive, and persistent.

Four year olds have wild mood swings,

And go from playing nicely with others,


In 2.7 seconds, flat.

Four year olds are dangerous.

They climb fences,

And trees.

They ride bikes,

And talk to strangers.

Four year olds like to pretend.

So they drink from the toilet

“I’m a puppy!”

And rescue people from fires.

Four year olds are fickle.

And have new best friends and favorite people on a minute to minute basis.


Of all the ages,

Of all the children,

I most definitely dread the four year old….


Good thing he’s so cute.


  1. Four was my least favorite age with my girls. Everyone else's four year olds seemed fine, but mine were Dr. Jekyll/Miss Hyde.

  2. That's what I thought when I saw your pic--"But, come on Caroline, he's so cute!"

  3. As always, you summed it up perfectly.

    You always make me laugh when you say things like, "pffht." I also learned, "meh." from you. I say it all of the time.

  4. I would have to say dito to most all of the things you named off! Mine is also 4 and will be 5 in February and I hope 5 turns out to be better than 4. I don't understand why being 4 is so difficult!

  5. I didn't know there was a name for it or a "type" !!!! I hate Finicky Fours too!!! My daughter does all that too!!! Oh My! The screaming and whining one minute and the dancing and singing the next, sharing and then beating up her baby brother. Oh my...not to mention the they run away from you when they are mad (even if you are at the mall and are scared to death of where they will end up) Mine is a puppy too and she is a puppy at the store, in the parking lot, at the park, even if being a puppy is not a good idea she is a puppy! favorite color also changes and foods and friends and oh my the list doesn't end. This post helps me feel a little better knowing that someone (yes this is gonna come out wrong) is going through it too. Oh thank you for your post!

  6. oh ya I almost forgot the wanting to go to primary and then not, and then screaming because she doesn't want you to "love" her brother more (cuz you love them more if you have to stay with him in nursery instead of her)

  7. I love four! You can have conversations with them and they're so wonderfully smart.

    I dislike right before they crawl, about 5 months, because they can't move and they're always "ENTERTAIN ME." And I'm all "I'm BUSY."

  8. YES. A big fat YES.

  9. Completely agree.:) But let;s be honest....if anything, I'm learning from my four year old what it's going to be like when she's fourteen. Aggghhhhh! Let's get down on our knees right now and pray.....hehehehehe