September 29, 2010

3 Things That Are Making Me Happy Right. Now.

1. Shampoo:


And the fact that my kids “shampoo” their hair. The stylist in me gets warm and fuzzy every time they say this. NOTE TO ALL: You wash a car. You shampoo your hair.

2. Food coloring:


Daniel doesn’t like to eat things if he thinks they should be a different color. For example: the delicious homemade garlic macaroni and cheese I made for dinner. He didn’t want it, because HIS cheese is ORANGE. I added some food coloring, and in magically tasted “much mo’ better” (See also: he’s four)

3. TV:

turquoise tv

Fall television has started!  House. Fringe. Criminal Minds. Glee. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Grey’s Anatomy. Vampire Diaries. The Amazing Race. How I Met Your Mother…. shall I continue?

What’s making you happy today? and more importantly, WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING?