May 22, 2009

Fun Fact Friday! Clean Freak Edition

This week's Fun Fact Friday! is brought to you by my new lover.

* I have to mop my floors by hand. Otherwise, I don't really believe the floor is clean. Besides, it's a great upper body workout and how else are you going to get the baseboards clean? Pffht.

* Same with the toilets. I have a toilet brush mostly to keep a certain shortling occupied while I clean the bathtub, then I reclean it, by hand, with comet and bleach.

* Comet just might be my favorite cleaning product of all time.

* Sponges are my least favorite. Stinky, smelly, slimy. Gag.

* I totally make my kids do chores.

* Thaddeus and Blayne switch over the laundry and are able to carry it upstairs

* Daniel knows where every piece of clothing in this house goes.

* Taylor is good at fetching hangers.

* Daniel and Blayne are also pretty good folders.

* Thaddeus would rather eat dirt than fold socks.

* Daniel and I fought over who got to vacuum the floors today. (I won)

* I like my house to smell like NOTHING. Forget florals, give me CLEAN.

* I can't handle any kind of moldy smelling anything. If I even suspect that something is going bad, I throw it out. Outside.

* I even clean my trash cans.


* The only other smell I really really like? Salons. As in, hair AND nail.

* Don't even think about leaving me a comment about the nature of OCD.



  1. Please rub off some of this OCD on me. I need some cleaning to happen around here.

  2. I have been having an affair with dyson for 6 years now.

    I love the way pinesol smells.

  3. I'm a huge fan of Method's eucalyptus-scented cleaning products.

  4. I KNEW I loved you. I just didn't know why. . Now. . . I do. I too must mop the floors with my hands, but since I moved to AZ and my floors are MOSTLY tile, I have reverted to a mop. I hate it. I feel like my floor is never clean. :)

  5. When you won't eat anything out of a plastic bag (including store bought bread) and will wear only one outfit to school, THEN you're talking OCD. You sound pretty normal to me. Clean, but normal.

  6. No OCD about it, I just want you to come train my kids too. They do some of those chores, but yours do more, I want to learn at your feet.

  7. So relatable! Although I did finally turn my cleaning over to someone else, if favor of more time to do what matters more to me. Have you ever tried cleaning your floors with vinegar, or using hydrogen peroxide. They're much more environmentally friendly and get the job done! P.S. I love that your kids pitch in.

  8. Do you give lessons on how to get kids to do chores. That is awesome!

    I love the Mr. Clean sponges. Use them on my kitchen floors. Mopping just doesn't work.

    That moldy smell? ... the very reason I hate leftovers.

  9. Yay for the Dice!

  10. I totally clean my toilet with my hand. EVeryone else in my family thinks that's gross, but guess who's toilets look the cleanest the longest???

    You just wash your hands really well when you're done. That's what anti-bacterial soap was invented for...

  11. You sound a little like my mother, who runs the vacuum cleaner every time I cross the living room. When she sees my kids coming, it strikes a chord of terror in her clean clean heart.

  12. Oh yeah, Is there a point when one gives up and just says...if the barn floor and my kitchen are the same it's okay? Love your comments. I'm gonna' tie my glasses on so I can actually see what I'm cleaning up because on my knees is not enough.

  13. I need you to come to my house!


    Hello, by the way :)