March 6, 2009

Family Time

DadGuy: "Hey guys! Wanna watch a movie with me?"

Kids: "Yeah!"

Thaddeus: "What kind of movie is it?"

DadGuy: "It's called Iron Will."

Thaddeus: "Does it have Bakugan?"

Blayne: "Does it have Princesses?"

Danny: "Twucks?"

DadGuy: "No. It has a guy named Iron Will! and DOGS! and SLEDS!"

Blayne: "Is there any girls in it?"

Thaddeus: "Is Will made of Iron like Ironman?"

DadGuy: "No. It's just about a boy named Will and his dogs...."

Thaddeus: "....that's it?"

Blayne: "I don't want to watch a boy movie, I want to watch a girl movie"

Daniel: "Twucks?"

DadGuy: "No, but it's a cool movie guys. You'll like it, right Mom?"

MomBabe: "........ummm........"

Thaddeus: "Does it even have CARTOONS?"

Blayne: "Yeah, cause I like cartoons. Pretty cartoons are the perfect show."

DadGuy: "Uh, no. It doesn't have cartoons. It's a dog racing show."

Blayne: "I don't like dogs. I only like puppies."

Thaddeus: "Do we have to watch it?"

Daniel: "Twucks?"

DadGuy: "Nevermind."


  1. Ah, that Daniel is a cutie! (As are they all, I'm sure!)

  2. I'm sniggering - that was fabulous.

  3. Ummm...don't the dogs die in the end? Great thinking Dadguy.

  4. That was hilarious, lol!

  5. That was awesome - A for effort DadGuy!

  6. Poor dadguy and his antiquated (sp?)ways. Oh,well. Better luck next time.

  7. Hilarious!

    Poor DadGuy.

    Twucks? I love it.

  8. LOL! And you think that's bad? Wait until they're all teenagers!

  9. HA!

    Okay, we're normal then ...

  10. Ugh...bakugan. SO sick of bakugan...

    and twucks.

    But I love Iron Will, Dad Guy!

  11. So tell them there are Twucks and puppies, which there are, and let them fall asleep along w/ MomBabe 20 minutes into it.