March 5, 2009

Gift Guide


I need suggestions.

You see, my anniversary is coming up. And I kinda want to do something, but I have a slight drawback.


But I still want to get him something. I mean, I guess it's sorta a big deal. (Okay, not really. Only seven years. BUT STILL)

So I did a little "research", and came across the Anniversary Gift Guide for your 7th year. This year the theme is copper or wool. It seems that no one can decide for sure.

Does it count if I buy new copper bottomed pans? I mean, they're for me, obviously. But he'd get to eat the food that came out of them.

Of course, copper pans would require I spend money, and, as I mentioned before, CHEAPO IN THE BUILDING.

Sweaters are out because, ugh, well. THEY JUST ARE. I mean, if he gave me a sweater for an anniversary gift, I might have to die. Especially because when it comes to things like getting dressed, we have very different ideas about what the other one should wear.

Of course, I do have the option of completely ignoring my anniversary. I mean, I wouldn't want to break the streak.