March 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary

To my husband:

I remember the first time we met. Ben and Clint had called and told me to meet them at a church thing, they wanted to "hang out." I went, because I didn't have anything better to do that night. You might not remember, but I was upset. They had invited me, and they didn't save me a seat. I sat in the back, next to another boy, who I didn't know, and didn't care to know, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't wearing deodorant. I sat through that whole fireside, annoyed, wanting to leave, and trying not to breathe.

After the speakers were done, and we were dismissed, I went over to say good bye to your friends. You were there. Hands in your pockets, in a crisp white shirt, laughing and joking and commanding everyone's attention.

Ben introduced us, so we can blame this whole thing on him. He told me that I should meet you, because he thought that I was the only person he's ever met that could keep you in line. I didn't know what that meant.... Then you opened your mouth.

You're opinionated, headstrong, sarcastic and stubborn. You're smart, and intelligent, sharp, and witty. You say what you mean, and you mean what you say. You're honest.

I remember that night so well. You all but ignored me, and that is not something I was used to. We started to talk, not chit chat, but really talk. You said you had lived in Russia, and I said "Я тебя люблю"... "I love you" It was the only Russian phrase I knew. Your eyes lit up, and you started talking very rapidly in Russian. I was lost.

But I knew it would be true. Maybe not that night, but one day soon.

For me, it was one of those moments of perfect clarity. I've only had a few of those moments in my life, and you have been with me for most of them.

I went home. You called me later. We started meeting for lunch. Then for dinner. Then after I got off of work, then after you got out of school. When we discussed getting married, it was very matter of fact.

It was the only reasonable solution that we could come up with.


It is the simplest and more perfect equation. It has always been and will always be... A+B=C.

I remember the first time we kissed. It still makes me smile.

I remember being so mad when all my clients were canceling that weekend. One, after another, after another. When I realized it was because of you, I became unbelievably nervous.

I knew you were going to ask me to marry you. I never imagined you would do it so perfectly.

As I packed my suitcase, and picked up my plane ticket, I knew that my life was about to change. I would never imagine how big the changes would be.

The first year we were married was tough. We knew how to be lovers, but not how to be partners. We fought it out and we made it through. It made us both stronger and more appreciative of one another. I think God planned it that way because of the way the next few years would pan out.

The second year we were married brought pregnancy, and hospital bills; our first son, and an apartment with a washer and dryer INSIDE the unit.

The third year brought us your bachelor's degree, our first home, a beautiful baby girl, and more hospital bills.

The fourth year gave us home renovations, a promotion, and another surprise pregnancy.

The fifth gave us our third child and second son, another high risk pregnancy, and a bigger car.

The sixth year gave us our fourth child, a little girl, who was born 8 weeks early. It gave us competent doctors, and an appreciation for forever families. This was the year of surgeries. Daniel's eye surgeries, Tad's ears and adenoids, five surgeries for me, and one for you. This was the year that our faith was called into question, and we answered, and came out stronger than before.

The seventh year brought us even more change. We moved across the country. I had a hysterectomy. You applied to grad school.

And now we're starting our eighth year together... I have big plans for us. They involve doing a whole lot of nothing. This year, I want us to sleep in together. I want us to go on a few more dates, and maybe out to dinner a little more often. I want us to take our kids camping, and hiking, and maybe even do a little fishing. I want us to smile, and to laugh, and to take a million pictures.

I knew when I met you that we would be together forever.

I'm happy you obliged.

the girl who loves you more today than she did yesterday