November 17, 2020


 There has been a LOT of change around here lately. 

Just to bring you up to speed, coronavirus is still alive and kicking, killing thousand and thousands of people. Up here in Utah, the case numbers are on a steep rise. In fact, I had to resign from being a lunch lady, because the exposure risk was too high. I mean, I know at some point my house will get corona. But when it hits, it's not going to be fun. When I get a cold, I am sick for 3-4 months. I can't imagine how long or how hard a toll it will take on my body. And who knows, maybe it'll be no big deal! But it's not a chance we want to take. And Troy! He has asthma and fits the demographic of people who die. Because Covid kills more men than women. Hooray! Nothing like a global pandemic to make you plan your imminent death and outline the steps for what comes next, depending on who dies. 

SO. I quit. I gave two weeks notice. The next day, I FELL OFF THE LADDER. on my neck. And my notice then became effective immediately. Which was the same day the Covid case numbers surpassed 3.9K people. Call it kismet, call it fate. I definitely took it as a sign that I was not supposed to work anymore. 

Anyways, I have a cervical spine injury. Your cervical spine is supposed to be ever so slightly curved, and mine sort of straightened and torqued, and I tore some ligaments, and have bulging discs and lots of swelling. DOESN'T THAT SOUND SO FUN! I even got a super cute neck collar to wear all the time. #sarcasm. At any rate, my neck stinking HURTS. And I have accidentally bumped my head twice since, and thought I was going to DIE each time. Neck braces don't help with cupboard head bonks. 

I have also adopted the most amazing fashion of wearing a fingerless glove on my right hand, because the joints in my right hand are always SO SO COLD. The fingerless glove covers up to my middle knuckles, but leaves my fingertips out, so I still have the same dexterity per usual. I have also decided that Michael Jackson must have had Raynaud's.... totally explains the one glove thing. IT'S A MEDICAL CONDITION PEOPLE. 

And since I'm not working, I now get to be at home with my kids during the day! Thaddeus, Blayne, and Taylor are all doing distance learning. Only Daniel attends school in person. The three home kids have been doing.... well, I'm not really sure what they have been doing. But they have been staying up really late and then sleeping all day, and who knows what their diet or academics actually look like. 

UNTIL NOW. To quote Beetlejuice, "It's SHOWTIME!"

Yesterday was my first full day as a stay-at-home-mom. I woke everybody up at 7:30am. Then I made them stay awake ALL DAY. And they did school stuff, and we did house stuff, and we cooked, and baked, and Taylor was fine, but Blayne and Thaddeus passed out dead asleep around 6:30pm. I told Troy it was like having little kids all over again, and this first week we are working on resetting our internal clocks. I have also made people go outside. In the sun. I'm such a monster. 

Another thing I have been working on is sourdough bread. I have conquered the starter, and now I'm just playing around and trying different recipes. It definitely take a LOT of time to make sourdough. It's a full two day process. 

What else, what else.... the chickens are great. The dog is great. The people here are iffy, with moments of great. I don't think there's a whole lot more you can ask of people right now.