October 23, 2020


We had the first freeze of the season last night. LUCKILY, I have leveled up my garden this year with a greenhouse. I feel very, very happy with this development. I also added some PVC to two of my raised beds, making mini hoop houses, so I should be able to extend the grow season there as well. I've gotta tell you, between the winter garden and the chickens, I am a VERY happy camper. I did have a friend ask me about our future plans in regards to this house. My plans are as follows: if we stay, great, if we don't, also great. I mean, our home is great, but it's not our dream house. It ticks all the boxes we needed, though, which is more than a lot of people can say, so we're pretty happy. 

Of course, every time we talk about dream homes and all that, I do tend to look within. We have lived on both coasts. We have lived in starter homes, apartments, duplexes, townhomes... We've lived in the city, and we've lived in the country; in the mountains, and the valleys. And we have been pretty good with it all. My favorite places we've ever lived though, is King William, Virginia. It was gorgeous, we loved the people, the schools, the friends.... Hands down, it was the most beautiful place I have ever lived, and I had the BEST medical team there.  The only downside is that we were literally across the country from our families. And Troy has a better job now, here in Utah. 

I just need a little more land, and a few more trees. I am even good with recreating the VA look here, with tree varieties that work in our grow zone. I will create my own woodland paradise, dammit! But I need more land first. hahahaha. In the meantime, I will be the crazy chicken lady with a greenhouse in the backyard. 

In other news, I've started working again with one of my favorite people in the whole entire world. That's right, Elisa and I are back in business together! We already have a few clients and all that jazz. It's pretty fun, because we work so well together, and THIS TIME, we live in the same place! Not gonna lie, when Troy originally proposed moving to Utah, my first thought was, "OH! I GET TO LIVE BY ELISA!" and you guys, we literally live like, an 8 minute drive away from each other, fifteen if you hit a red light. Isn't that so derpy? It is, and I DON'T CARE AND SHE FEELS THE SAME WAY AND THAT'S JUST THE KIND OF PEOPLE WE ARE. 

The kids are, well, the kids are struggling in school. We live in state of dum-dums, and people are super great at spreading germs. I can't even get into the whole thing without getting SUPER frustrated and annoyed. Between the pandemic and this horror show election year, there are just entire subjects I don't feel like talking about, because, frankly, I am talked out. I'm not even angry about things anymore. I'm really sad and disappointed, and it has definitely changed how I view a LOT of people... and I know I shouldn't allow people's behavior and actions to change my outlook on life, but it has. As our personal death counts go up, five so far in just the last few months, my faith in humanity grows smaller and smaller. 

I also truly believe that good, GOOD people, are being deceived so adeptly, that they don't even realize it, and not every person is educated on the subtleties of digital media marketing, which is a damn shame. Fortunately for me, it's kind of what I do, and have done, professionally, for over a decade. I know how the algorithms work, because I have used them all to my advantage for years. I am so well versed in creating deep fakes and the like, that I feel like I could teach a master class on the subject. Oh wait, I HAVE done that. And one of the super, duper, MOST frustrating thing is interacting with people that have been duped. It's fine. But I am definitely keeping track of who people are voting for. And the outcome of the presidential election may just trigger a new level of rage inside of me, from the very depths of my soul. AND THAT'S WHERE I'M GOING TO END MY RANTINGS.  Otherwise, I will type a novel, and I literally do not have that kind of time. 😬 In fact, I need to get to bed, because I have FARM CHORES in the morning. sigh. I want to live on a real farm.