September 7, 2017


Today was a little crazy. I had to go to downtown Salt Lake for a doctor's appointment, which was all for naught.

So UTA has a medical office on site for employees and their families. It's totally free, and they'll give you antibiotics or whatever.

Then there is me.

Problem number ONE, was that the doctor wasn't familiar with MORE THAN ONE of the medications I take multiple times per day. MULTIPLE! Then, I did get some meds refilled, but the ones I need, the doctor could not write. Do you hear this nonsense? She could not WRITE the prescription down? Like, at all? The doctors are only allowed to give you prescriptions for medications that they have in stock. And my nerve pills, which help with all the things, have been reclassified as a narcotic, so they don't stock those, and no, she can't write me a prescription.

Can you believe this nonsense?