August 29, 2017


Well hello. It's been awhile. I think a recap is in order. ;)

Recap 1: We have a house. We have moved in. We have unpacked. I am now organizing all of the things and putting them in their proper places. Naturally, this means that the house is a disaster, and it looks like I haven't done anything, when I've actually been working a WHOLE, WHOLE LOT.

For example: today, I assembled 2 heavy duty utility shelves for use in our storage room. I was not planning on this, but when I was at Lowe's I noticed that the shelving units that I wanted were on sale. BIG TIME. You see, when we were putting in our humongous order for all the odds and ends we needed to finish the house, we got ONE of the shelving units, and we were excited because it was on sale for $99... Well TODAY they were SUPER on sale for $64, so I bought TWO.

Then I had to put them together, which allowed me to put all the Christmas/Winter stuff  IN ONE PLACE. THEN, on the OTHER shelves, I was able to put a bunch of camping gear and Halloween stuff, and toys and such. And it is so totally a bunch of work, but it looks like a disaster in the meantime. Blergh. <<< That's the sound I make on the daily.

Recap 2: The kids are in school. School transportation is super dumb, because even though we live on the very edge of the boundaries, THERE IS NO BUS. How is this possible? I don't know. What I DO know is that there is no bus to the junior high, and there is no bus to the elementary school. We live more than a mile from both of the schools, and two major streets must be crossed to get to our schools. But there is no bus.  Also, our bell schedules are just enough off to make life miserable.

Junior high begins at 8:10. Elementary begins at 8:45. They are practically next door to each other. So, do I save gas and just do one trip and chill with my elementary kids for 30 minutes? Do I leave them at home and do 2 separate morning runs? Especially because it takes all of 5 minutes to go back home?

In the afternoon, I have the junior high kids walk over to the elementary school so that I only have to do one pick up. so that's nice. But it would be REALLY nice to have a bus.

Recap 3: The job hunt has been put on hold for awhile. Mostly because if I started working right now, our house would never be ready, and it would drive me crazy, which would make everyone crazy, because CRAZY is contagious.

Recap 4: Meredith and her cute kiddos came to visit/help me unpack. We would have been a lot more productive if people had been in school, but she was here right before school started, when we were registering and getting supplies, and all that stuff. She did help to make sure I didn't fall off my DIY ladder scaffolding while I was hanging pictures up the stairs. Meredith said I was doing acrobatics, when REALLY, if I were to fall A) I have lots of padding and B) I can't feel hardly anything anyways. (Seriously though, I have the weirdest bruises from WHO KNOWS WHAT!) Back to Meredith. Her babies are cute. And busy. And our Lucky dog was super jealous of Delaney, because HE is my best friend, not her. Because of this jealous nonsense:

Recap 5: Lucky gets trained. Our cute dog has turned into a barking, sniveling, crybaby poopy pants. (Not real poop. Gross. He's trained in THAT, thank goodness.) His behavior of late has been on the naughty side, and he is so danged LOUD. Our backyard is all fenced, but part of it is chain link, and our backyard neighbors have dogs and chickens.  So Lucky has to go yell/bark at them approximately 1 million times a day. We looked in to bark collars, but have decided to go the route of clicker training. Because it's WAY less expensive. And I'm looking in to making our chain link fence a little more private, because I might want to sunbathe in the nude, and can't have neighbors looking at my glorious flesh.

Recap 6: I don't think these are actually recaps anymore. But I'm too tired to care.

Recap 7: Fence. I hate the chain link fence. The fence is what I went to Lowe's for in the first place. I wanted to SEE my options for making it more private, and I wanted to know the price point for my options. GUYS. They have hedge inserts, and ivy inserts for chain link. It's like branches of a Christmas tree, but 6 ft long. I can't decide if I think it's gross, or brilliant. I CAN'T DECIDE!