July 6, 2016

And there there were none.

GUYS: Summer camp is so fun! This week is pirates, and it's going really well. It's fun to see the dynamics of the different groups of kids. We have a few regulars, and then we have our wild card kiddos. Some groups are very chill, while others are more intense. So I overdo it on the preparedness factor, and then we move at whatever pace works best. Yesterday's group was pretty chill, which was nice.

Meanwhile, the house is very quiet, and feels strange. Daniel is still in Arizona, and Thaddeus is on Pioneer Trek. Thaddeus gets home really late Friday night, then on Saturday, Troy and the kids will head to Arizona for a week. I'm going to stay here all by my lonesome, and I'm going to make people clean BIG TIME before they leave. Then, I shall enjoy my alone time so much more.

Which makes my trip to the grocery store today a little strange. I don't want to get a ton of stuff, but I still need to feed people for a few days. I personally am not cooking next week. Well, maybe a little here and there, but not more than once a day. It's going to be magical.

Other updates.... Thaddeus is having a growth spurt, and we had to get him new shoes, church pants, socks, and even some underthings. The man-child is now wearing a Men's Size 8 in shoes, which makes his feet bigger than mine. And so it begins.... my kids are going to dwarf me any day now. In fact, if Blayne wears heels, she's the same height as me.  

Also, I'm sending Troy with a to-get list, because school crap is cheaper in Arizona, and there's a lot more stores to choose from. In Los Alamos, we're a bit restricted in our shopping choices. At any rate, I shall send him running around like a mad person, while *I* will be at home, sitting in front of a fan, eating popsicles in my underwear. (Sounds so fancy, right?)

I'll also have the computer all to myself, so I can actually get some work done! It's going to be super strange not having a child update me on how many minutes I have left.