June 14, 2016

Summer Break-down

Summer is in full swing.

I am at home, with just the girls, because the boys are all at sleep-away camps... yes, even Troy! (I know, he hates camping. Not that scout camp is the total camping experience.) At any rate, the girls and I are on our own, and it's a pretty fun situation.

We'r also dog sitting right now for our Gruncle Davis and Aunt Neicey.  (Great + Uncle = Gruncle... we stole this title from Gravity Falls, which is an awesome cartoon. There is a Gruncle Stan.) Fortunately, the dogs are VERY well trained, and especially nice. Unfortunately, we have discovered that my sweet girl Blayne, who is a DOG LOVER of MAGNIFICENT PROPORTIONS, is allergic to dogs. And so are Troy, Taylor, and Thaddeus. Not sure about Daniel, though. I myself am NOT allergic to dogs. So hardy-har-har family! Enjoy your sneezing and itching!

Today is also the start of our ANIMAL ADVENTURE for our neighborhood day camp. Last week, we focused on insects and had a fabulous time. It was a little bit crazy in the beginning, because I had to meet new parents and kids and assure them that I'm not a horrible person, which is an important piece of info to know when you're dropping your kids off at a strangers home. Luckily, it's pretty obvious that we're regular old people.

So while we're not going anywhere, we are pretty busy.

Oh! We have a garden! I've been working on it a ton too, because I NEED ALL THE VEGETABLES. I fully intend to preserve our bounty, and freeze dry some herbs as well. We're growing corn, cantaloupe, watermelon, green beans, lettuce (mixed varieties), kale (2 kinds!), cabbage (2 kids), broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, green onions, and the standard (for us) herbs: cilantro, chive, garlic,parsley, and basil. Even just typing that out makes me smile ever so much. I  have truly missed having a garden the last few seasons.

Of course, gardening in Los Alamos has a few issues that I've had to counteract. Our biggest garden threat is bunnies and deer. GUYS. THERE ARE SO MANY BUNNIES. They are everywhere, and they get into everything. We put special fencing around the garden to discourage entry. However, bunnies dig under things, so this afternoon, I'm going to bury bricks in the ground around the fence. Why bricks? Because they were free. And I guess they're technically pavers. But forget about proper names, this afternoon, Operation Bunny Prevention continues.

Speaking of local wildlife... We are currently having coyote problems on our street. There is a pack roaming about, doing coyote things. (Coyote things primarily being wandering around looking for delicious morsels to eat.) We've also had the famed Walnut Street Bear hanging around. I have yet to see a mountain lion, but I feel like this might be the year.

Anywho. I have to prepare for our summer camp kids! We are going to have some serious fun times today. ;)